best places to travel alone

Some say that the best way to travel is to do it by yourself. In fact, it was Ken Poirot who once said that there are journeys in life which can only be traveled alone. And, a lot of people take this advice because, why not? Traveling by yourself will help you to display abilities you didn’t even know you had in the first place. Which are the best places to travel alone?

Well, in fact, you can go wherever you want. However, there are some places which are very popular for receiving wandering tourist who travels by themselves. So, here are the top three preferred places to travel alone:

  • Netherlands: A progressive place where locals are chill and polite. Amsterdam is, in fact, one of the hippest places on Earth. You will be able to bike all around the city and explore everything you want without worrying about danger. It is a pretty safe place to be and there are a lot of things to do.
  • USA: Roadtripping or backing through the USA is one of the most encouraged destinies: Hawaii and New York City are the favorite spots for solo travelers. 
  • Croatia: Dubrovnik. A picturesque breathtaking city which you can walk and get lost for a little while 

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